July 7, 2021

Decode Your Food Labels | #9

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True health & wellness starts with a little bit of exercise and yes, what we choose to put on our plate! That’s right, food. So, how do we know what's ok for us to eat today and what's not? Is there a worry? While quick fix diets and intensive workouts leave us burnt out and hopeless sometimes, can these classic American weight-loss & lifestyle techniques truly be sustainable in the long run? 

For example, diets with companies that sell their own food. Can you eat their food your entire life? Is this sustainable or affordable?  In today’s society, we must desire change that last. Unfortunately, in American culture, you’re not going to get a whole lot of help here sadly as we must take the matter into our own hands- for our own good!

To begin, we must address the real fundamental problem, and that is what we eat. Where does that begin you ask? On the back of labels of the foods we buy! But what are we reading? What should we know? What should we be looking for? This episode breaks it all down. 

Learn Pamela's 8 quick & savvy tips on how to decode food labels AND their packaging. From what we aren’t taught in school, to what the food industry doesn’t want us to know, hear Pamela share what you need to know. 

Wrapped up with a few more health and wellness tidbits and tricks, remember to save this episode and perhaps re-play it when out on your next grocery run! Because let's be real.... it's getting super crazy out there folks. Love yourself and take care of yourself as good health wellness goes a long way.  

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