Aug. 18, 2021

Dirobi Health with Dave | #10

 People often talk about how they don't have time to exercise, have a healthy diet or do other things that improve quality of life because they are too busy. They don't realize that you don't need to have a lot of time to practice self-care. You can do things in small doses. For example, you can make sure you get enough sleep every night instead of staying up all night to do work. You can eat a healthy meal every day instead of eating a lot of junk food. It's not about doing huge things all at once. It's about finding little ways to take care of yourself every day.

“It just motivates me even more; it was a wake-up call”. Pamela speaks about how she wants to take care of her physical and mental health so she can experience the greater moments in life in the future. Pamela and David are both thinking about the future and speak about how important self-confidence is for you to feel your very best. She mentions that she wants to be able to run around with her grandkids when her son has kids. Pam mentions she loves when she sees people who are truly living to their fullest potential. Dave agrees, “Imagine you at your best, but what does it mean to be at your own best?" He explains to Pamela about the 5 whys and how important it is to self-reflect and drive deep into why we are motivated to change and grow.

Exploring the layers of this is important for us to see the true motivation behind the actions we take. Sometimes this process can take a few mins, however he mentions that it is best for you to write it down and take your time on this process. “It takes introspection, this is something that takes time,” Dave adds. Dave explains the 7 ways you can start feeling better about your health today. This includes stop drinking calories (juices, soda, etc.). Eat all of our food slowly and mindfully, Intermediate fasting, observe a simple supplement strategy, and many more that are going to benefit the listeners of the Podcast.

Dave mentions he enjoys CrossFit and the gym. He mentions that you must find what works for you and what you enjoy. He said people with a workout partner and a membership preform better since you are obligated. Pamela tells listeners that she enjoys working out from home because she performs better by herself and holds herself accountable.

Dave mentions he has a 10-page PDF that provides information where the listeners can go and read the e-book. These 7 lifestyle changes will positively affect your health for the future. Multi and mineral for 60 days will change how you feel. 

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