June 23, 2021

Fooled By The Food Industry | #8

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Is the food industry as honest and genuine as it seems? Are giant food corporations truly looking out for the consumers own good, or perhaps just money and profits? In this billion-dollar, lucrative (yet secretive) industry, it's clearly all about the money. 

But how and why are they making so much, and are we as a society paying the real price? Well to begin, cheap, tasty, addicting food is just the start. Addicting food made by scientists. Yes, that's right. Not a farmer..... but a scientist.  From overwhelming amounts of additives, chemicals, sugar, cheap prices and ease of access, these companies will keep us coming back day in & day out with their addicting products and strategies. Addicting for not only adults, but children as well. Learn why.

This episode also brings up how many food products ( ex: Kraft Mac & Cheese) are actually altered based on the market, giving overseas countries in Europe for example, in fact healthier food products, while we in America actually are exposed to sometimes harmful ingredients with lower standards. Just some food for thought.

We even learn the importance of food labels on packages and how understanding these can be legitimately critical when shopping. Don’t be hoodwinked by the front of a package and its deceptive or clever selling points! Understanding both the labels and ingredients will surely help keep both you and your family healthier in the future. Remember, if you can't pronounce the ingredient, it's probably not going to be good for you and we are what we eat! Thankfully, however, this episode has some good news because Pamela shares 4 tips on how to go about making better food choices with all that in mind!

This episode is simply a must-listen-to, in an age where the food industry is becoming more powerful, deceiving, and dangerous than ever. Stay healthy by staying informed.

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