March 31, 2021

Health is Not What You’ve Been Sold | #1

Today’s episode introduces the concept of holistic health and wellness, challenging the busy professional to shift their mindset from total reliance upon the traditional medicine model we’ve all come to know and hate, and instead improve upon their health by unlocking the true power of total health and wellness: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

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Pamela Jon Thomas: Hey Podcast listeners! I'm so excited to welcome you to the very first episode of the Pamela Jon Thomas Podcast, where I help busy professionals just like you shift their mindset from total reliance on traditional medicine to focusing on holistic health and wellness to become the best version of themselves. I truly believe that Whole Person Health Edification, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, can transform your life.

So, how did I get to become so passionate about this particular topic? Well, let me share a bit of my backstory with you: I'm your host, Pamela Jon Thomas, and I have been in the healthcare industry for almost 17 years as a Registered Nurse, and over 7 years as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. I've truly enjoyed being a healthcare provider, connecting with my patients, building a strong rapport with them that leads to them completely trusting me with their health. But, that's just it. Were they really entrusting me with their health, or was I simply treating their disease processes? 

You see, the one thing that truly stands out to me about our healthcare system is, guess what? It's not really a healthcare system at all. Instead, its focus is on disease management that treats patient maladies as opposed to discovering and ridding the root causes of these diseases. Every single person in my practice has been or is extremely close to being diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and/or Diabetes, just to name a couple, by the time they're 40 or older, and all of them are treated with medication as opposed to exploring the causes of these problems and introducing lifestyle changes to get rid of them.

Have we as providers done you all such a disservice by overlooking the obvious? I mean, what is causing so many of us to suffer from the same illnesses? I beg to question for instance, what are we eating and drinking? Or, are we engaging in regular physical activity, or are we sedentary most of the time? What stressors are we battling in our everyday lives? What do our work and home environments look like? What do our communities look like? What sort of support systems do we have in place? Where do we gain our information from? Do we engage in self-care consistently? Do we believe we have the power to change our circumstances if given the right set of tools?

I could go on and on concerning the areas the traditional medicine model never hones in on, but the only question that really matters is why haven't we has healthcare professionals fully invested in changing people's lives as opposed to medicating them?

Well, this healthcare provider is fully invested in helping busy professionals like yourselves envision the true power of holistic health and wellness, stepping away from the traditional medicine model and delving into Whole Person Health Edification to become the best version of yourselves. This is the ultimate goal of this Podcast.

I'll be teaching you about how health is so much more than regularly scheduled doctor's appointments with lab work review and medication refills, but instead how starts with you at home, the lifestyle you live, the choices you make with diet, and beyond. I'll be coaching you on air regarding various health topics and also bringing in expert guests to add value as well as present different viewpoints to engage busy professionals from all walks of life.

So, wherever you are in your health today, whether you're new to better taking care of yourself, unsure of how to improve your health, or you're a health guru who is super healthy and simply interested in indulging in more health content, I'm here to help.
After all, as cliche as it may sound, you are only allotted one life to live. And if you're going to live it to the fullest, you've gotta fulfill your health's fullest potential. Let's work together to make that happen!

I'm so excited to get started engaging with you every other week! We will grow so much together on this lifestyle journey! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @ Pamela Jon Thomas! Until next time...