April 28, 2021

Relationships Affect Our Health with TarNeisha Mukoko | #4

When we think about our health, we often consider our weight, our eating habits, our medications, our doctor appointments, but we rarely consider relationships and the fact that they do affect our overall health as well. In today’s episode, we converse with Purpose Life Coach, Educator, Minister, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker Tarneisha Mukoko about how marriage and divorce impact health. She shares her personal story of a failed marriage that took a toll on her mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and how her new thriving relationship has improved her health and her outlook on life to come.  


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TarNeisha Mukoko

Greetings everyone! My name is TarNeisha A. Mukoko and I am a Fort Worth, Texas native who is highly passionate about leading you from your now into your next! I am a Purpose Life Coach, Educator, Minister, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker. While I possess over a decade of experience in these various roles, there is one title that encompasses all that I am – a believer. I believe that you are destined for success regardless of what circumstances you are facing. I also believe in the validity of your voice and the value you possess.
My mantra is, “In order for your circumstances to change, YOU must first change”! The change will be challenging, but I am here to help you navigate those necessary changes. I am determined to help you shift your mindset from "impossible to anything is possible". Through guided goal setting and applied life practices, I will help you tap into who God created you to be and journey with you into your victorious life for I am "The KEY to helping others CHANGE their lives"!!
Are you in need of a Life Coach equipped to aid you in recognizing your strengths, knitting them into your goals, and supporting you all the way to victory? Well I am that Coach! Email me at hello@lifewithtarneisha.com for a complimentary 20 minute 1:1 call. Looking forward to helping you change your LIFE Honey!!