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Very insightful

I love this podcast! Pamela is so knowledgeable and helpful. Her episodes are quick and easy to digest. So grateful to have found this podcast!

A Fantastic Listen

Keep it up! I’ll be listening!

Wonderfully informative

Bringing women together and educating others on health and wellness. This podcast takes a dynamic approach towards encouraging weight-loss and lifestyle modifications while building a healthier environment that will foster long term compliance.

Great podcast

I absolutely love this podcast. Pamela is very informative. She is very relatable, and it’s not long so you are able to listen and it keeps your attention from start to finish. It’s always something that you will be able to use in your everyday life. If you haven’t heard it just give it a try I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Love this!

I love this podcast! Pamela is so informative!!

Love your “unconventional” view

Pam, I love that you are willing to explore options beyond traditional Western medicine. Your compassion and desire to help people take better care of themselves is so evident. Thank you for advocating for the total health of patients and showing that there is a time and place for both modern and holistic medical practices.

This is so amazing!!!

Love you mom and I am so proud of you!! This is amazing and so cool<33

Be your own first Doctor

As a healthcare provider, I whole heartedly agree with this. People need to know their bodies and the medications they are taking. What works for one doesn’t work for all. It is equally important that patients attempt to treat common illnesses such as common cold, headache, etc at home briefly prior to making an appointment the same day.

I love this!!

I personally love how you go in depth about how it is our responsibility to focus on our health! I feel like in today’s world a lot of people instantly turn towards their doctors, nurse practitioners, or health care provider to solve their individual needs when in reality it is something they can fix their self. In my opinion that path is more of a temporary solution rather than a permanent fix. When said people DO fix their health needs their self it becomes habit and they overall become healthier, happier, and learn to enjoy life more than they did before. Keep it up Pam. You’re killing it!

Health is not what you’ve been sold

As a healthcare provider, I too am seeking to find the root cause of many disease processes. I believe health prevention is very important and look forward hearing to your future podcasts

I love it!

I am so proud of you, Pamela. You are my daughter, my light, and my shine. Keep doing you and keep teaching God’s word!!

Podcast Review

Pamela’s new podcast series is a breath of fresh air in the growing world of podcasts. Her unique and refreshing takes on health and wellness will inspire any listener to take the initiative to better their lives, all while getting a hearty laugh in the process. Keep up the good work Pamela!!