June 9, 2021

Stress and Your Diet | #7

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Stress. Something we all have and yet of course don't want! But what exactly is stress and could it ever be good? As we know it, the inventible ups & downs and dreadful unpredictability of life seems daunting. It's no secret life will always have its fair share of stressors, and "curve balls", so, how do we cope with it? More importantly, is it affecting our diet?

In this episode we dig deep into the various types of stress and how they may be impacting you, your diet, and ultimately your life! From mental stress, emotional stress, physical, and even spiritual stress, learn to accept and deal with them while minimizing the negative affects on your diet. This episode also breaks down the critical difference between Acute and Chronicstress, and how thoroughly understanding each can truly help implement changes in one's life. It may be evident our bodies naturally look for coping mechanisms (we all have our favorite go-to) as, well, it's just human nature. Unfortunately, the reality is, we as humans typically turn to negative coping mechanisms with quick results. From sweet and savory snacks, to sugary beverages, we all have our ways of coping. Well, not to worry!

Learn exactly why stress takes such a toll on one's health, the science behind it, and how to make legitimate changes!  With intentional behavior changes and time, we can all moderate stress and poor diets. Remember, how we fight or flee issues in life will always correlate with our health and diet.

Forget not; however, no one is perfect. Life happens and you are not alone! Thankfully, if we can become mindful and intentional in our responses to life's unexpected, we can improve not just our health outcomes, but our quality of life! We must all remember; however, to give ourselves the time & grace to make it happen.

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