May 26, 2021

Self-Care is the Best Care with Tasha Mo Whitaker | #6

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Self-care. It's something that.... well, we're all guilty of. Guilty of not giving ourselves enough of! Not enough of the self-care we not only deserve, but more importantly need. When thinking about the word "health", it's easy to just think about diet, exercise, and our physical well-being; however, unfortunately overlooking one's mental health & well-being just isn't on the radar typically.  It's no secret our society undervalues self-care, but that doesn't mean you have too as well.

Have no fear because in this episode Tasha is here to tell you not only why self-care is the best care, but why it's so vitally important and how to make it happen! She discusses how even in a busy & hectic life, planning self-care will not only help set you up for success but, that in order to serve others, you need to serve yourself first. Showing up with your best self! That all starts with self-care. Have PTO? Use it! The feeling of guilt or embarrassment of taking work off is natural but know it's ok- It's for your own good both personally and as an employee!

They also discuss how, from an employer's position, creating such an environment leads to happy, healthy, more productive workers, and how the healthcare workforce and culture is slowly changing in some instances. Tasha also explains the importance of understanding that a proper work-life balance is critical and that, yes of course....... life happens. So, what do we do? Let it happen! Move with groove, but don't forget about self-care! We also touch  upon Tasha's podcast for healthcare professionals, why she started it, and how it can of course help you.

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Tasha Mo Whitaker

Tasha Whitaker is a national speaker, author, educator, trainer and owner of Crew Wellness LLC, a consulting agency that provides professional development training for healthcare professionals that build capacity. A passionate Certified Community Health Worker and Instructor with a decade of experience in healthcare she empowers communities to take charge of their wellness through interactive wellness workshops and trainings rooted in self-care. She is the host of The CHW Crew Podcast, where she highlights the work and service of Community Health Workers around the globe. Her work in the community has been featured on media outlets such as ABC CBSDFW,KYTX , radio networks and print articles. A native of East Texas Tasha loves the outdoors and being in nature, exploring photography and spending time with her family.